About Yonder Heather Fields. . .

“Living calmly in a complicated world” isn’t as simple as it sounds.  Luckily I am surrounded by a great family to help me remember what’s important and what to let fall by the wayside or what to chuck over the edge!

Having a husband who loves me and children who depend on me are huge blessings I don’t take for granted.  Being raised by parents with diverse backgrounds and experiences gave me a rich start to life.  Having parents, brothers, sisters, friends and children who are different from me, strengthens my life as I get to see the world through their eyes and varied experiences in addition to my own.

The world gets more complicated all the time.  Honestly, it’s not such a bad thing.  In fact, much of the “complication” in my life and in the lives of those close to me, are paths we have chosen deliberately.  I have only one life to live, may I live it in a way that makes a difference, and may I stay calm in this beautiful, yet often cruel, complicated world…

On the other hand, some things are very simple after all 🙂

1 Response to About Yonder Heather Fields. . .

  1. Rose Olejnicak says:

    Just a beautiful summary of your thoughts … xo, Rose

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