Trains, Planes and…Bicycles

As I dart through traffic, running errands and being able to return home faster because of my two wheeled bicycle, I can’t help admiring the Wright brothers. Their work benefits my life on a daily basis today. Being able to ride out with Dan this summer to see beautiful countryside and fill my soul with the sights and sounds of creation is an absolutely incredible gift.

Having Dad & Mom here for the last month has been such a treat for all five of us. (Well, six if you count Faithful, who undoubtedly remembers them!) I know the world is a better place for the work Orville, Wilbur and others have done to bring airplanes into our lives. Their work makes it so that even though we live across the ocean from our families we can still visit them (or excitedly have them visit us!) on a regular basis. And Airplanes have made it so that we have family members from three different continents.

The world is a better place for the ambulances that transport people to life saving medical care. It’s a better place for the cars and boats that allow people to move their family somewhere safe. I try often to forget the October when we waited in agony, hoping the medicav plane would arrive in time to save a friend’s life.

But today I’m selfish and I’m tired of planes, trains and automobiles. Tired of them all. They take people away from me. More often than it brings people to me it seems. Which can’t actually be possible I know.

Honestly, I hope heaven won’t have any transportation.

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