Happy Birthday America

“What’s your favorite activity?” “What is something you’ve eaten you never want to eat again?” These are some of the questions I ask my kids on their birthdays each year. Most are silly questions and answers and it’s a fun way to laugh together and see a bit of where we’ve been and even some of their hopes for the future.

As America has her birthday I think of how she has answered some questions this year. “What is something you’ve done you hope you never do again?” “How do you show your valuing of a human life?” Many of America’s answers to her birthday questions this year bother me too much to share my feelings in this format. Most of the men and women who have sacrificed more than most of the rest of us can comprehend though, have done so because America has answered lovingly and beautifully to other questions. Today I will celebrate one of those. Living several years in another culture makes it so that when I’m in America for a bit I get easily overwhelmed with the beauty in the culture there.  It’s unbelievable, actually, some of the amazing things that the country stands for and provides for its people.

When we were in America last summer, my kids played on grass nearly every day.


Green, clean, grass. Especially kept and protected grass. Kept and protected for people to play on, to have picnics on, to just . . .sit on. Who knew? Seriously, I cried when I saw it. Children playing on grass. Backyard grass, front yard grass, grass between the parking lot and the drive-through where we sat to eat our chicken nuggets. Every place we traveled while in America had grass for people to walk on at any time.

Scratchy grass, mowed grass, dead summer grass, green lawn grass, tall wild grass. Seriously, unbelievably beautiful.
Those who have served and those who are serving in our armed forces are people I admire greatly. Thank you to those who have sacrificed by saying goodbye so your family members can serve. Thank you to those who have said goodbye until heaven to your loved ones so America can provide life to many. Thank you to those who have given their lives to provide life…and grass. I am more grateful than you can ever know in this life.

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  1. twoshall says:

    Wow Ami beautiful thoughts. Thank you for sharing.

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