Dragon Boat Festival

“Are you home?” A neighbor texted the other night wanting to drop by. He and his wife brought over a large bag of traditional food people here eat during the Dragon Boat Festival. We unloaded the bag and even got detailed instructions on how to prepare and eat it.

You can buy these leaves this time of year at just about any market. You use them as wraps for sticky rice and various fillings before tying them shut with string in preparation for boiling and eating 🙂

Our current Chinese Sign Language teacher invited us to her home to share the Dragon Boat Day spread her mother prepared.

Monday found us there with plate after plate of food being set in front of us. They were all cold dishes and most were delicious even to a western mouth! As our teacher used sign language with us, texted in Chinese with her brother who sat next to her and her mother spoke in the local dialect to her brother (which we don’t understand) it was quite a multilingual meal!

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1 Response to Dragon Boat Festival

  1. Yuan Chai says:

    The dishes look delicious! Mooncakes for dragon festival too, double the festivities~~
    So jealous now, I didn’t even get to eat ZongZi this year…

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