Choo Choo & Mountain #2

The kids began packing for our quick Chinese New Year trip over two weeks before we even left.  (Kid #2 has an insatiable desire for adventure and travel!)  I’m impressed with Dan getting train tickets online (Chinese characters only!) during the busy Chinese New Year holiday.  And we’re indebted big time to some friends who watched Faithful while we were gone. (Yes, I know it’s May, but I’m finally getting around to posting these pictures from our trip back in January…)


28 hours each way on a train. . .

We were pretty excited to have had the chance to go out east.  It was our first time as a family to visit the more populated side of China.  We visited our friends who came to see us (out west) three years ago.  I’m afraid we were entirely too much trouble for them though.  They were very generous and gracious hosts who included us in their lives during their biggest holiday of the year!

Lao Mountain is one of the five famous mountains in China.  A couple years ago we took a family trip to Xian to see our first one.  This year our friends took us to Qingdao to climb our second of the five.  It was crazy windy and we had to scramble through a pitch black passageway to get up to the top.  But the views were amazing and the beauty fed our souls in the middle of winter.


Ahava said it well when we were almost home, “Well, that was a fun trip!”



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