Learning backwards

Went to the market for flour yesterday.  The owners of the rice and flour stall are really nice people, but I have a hard time understanding what they say.  So, after buying the 22lb bag of flour I tried a little small talk.  I decided on a question I figured would have a simple enough answer that even I could understand.  “Are you busy?”  She answered with a pretty long monologue about how she was alone in the shop today so she was sorry but she couldn’t deliver the flour to my house, if I could wait until her husband came back she would bring the sack up to our place, I just needed to give her what apartment building I lived in, what floor, what apartment number, oh and would I be home later?  Or something along those lines.


If I want a sack of flour delivered to my door I know where to go now.

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3 Responses to Learning backwards

  1. twoshall says:

    Guess you needed more flour since dad and mom are coming for a visit. 😍Looks to me like your Chinese is quite well if you could understand all of that.👏

  2. Sheila Yoder says:

    Ditto….your Chinese can’t be too bad! Interesting though….what she thought was actually “behind” your simple question.

  3. Julie V says:

    So interesting the cultural perspective on the word “busy.” You: busy=how’s business? Shop owner: busy= time enough to help you. Blessings on you as you continue to be stretched beyond your familiar perspective

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