Weeds …or not

Remember when Papa Jens would have us go on Dandelion Patrol?  Yeah, every day (that we stayed at the farm) we’d walk around the house and outbuildings area searching the ground a step at a time for dandelions. We’d carry a old paint bucket and a weeding tool, digging up every dandelion leaf we found. Heaven forbid we missed a plant until the ugly yellow flower was up. And I can still remember seeing a full white bloom ready to spread it’s terrible seeds to the wind! Papa Jens wasn’t unkind about it, I just didn’t want to do a bad job.  It was quite the challenge: Me vs. Dandelion

Maybe dandelions are weeds here too. Maybe in the States people buy them in seed packets and plant them. Maybe here and there it’s the same, I don’t know. It just struck me as funny when I saw dandelion seeds for sale across from the paper plates.

I wonder if I should plant a few. In a pot. On a windowsill.


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1 Response to Weeds …or not

  1. lisajoyfulness says:

    Oh wow! Nope. I’ve never seen dandelion seeds here! Maybe they would be a nice, bright, yellow houseplant though. I wonder if they are easy to care for in a pot?

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