What’s today’s Plan B?

I took the kids across town to a big flea market type mall to do their Christmas shopping.  After an hour of walking, waiting for and riding a public bus we arrived only to find the entire place gutted.  We had planned for a long time for this trip and were quite disappointed.  It’s a good place to get shoes, and all three kids needed shoes. And Asher a winter coat. Our hot water bottle broke (in my hand!) the other day and we just don’t get a free half day to head over to this place often to buy things like this. And now I wasn’t sure where to have the kids buy their Christmas presents for each other. 

We could see through the temporary walls into the cement shell with hanging wires and debris all over. We turned to walk back toward the bus stop and I said, “Let’s go to Dico’s!”

We haven’t been to this restaurant since our first winter here when the kids were little. Dan had ordered for us then.  I walked in and told the lady I’d never been here before and she was very kind. She patiently answered all my silly questions about what foods various pictures on the wall menu were and which ones were spicey.  Luckily the ice cream was ice cream. 

This is a common thing living here. Having to have a back up plan. Often you need a back up plan for your back up plan. Not kidding. It’s not easy for me living this way and too often I forget and expect my Plan A to work. In the end the kids were mostly happy and I kept my attitude (mostly) straight so I was happy with our outing after all 🙂

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1 Response to What’s today’s Plan B?

  1. Caleb says:

    Glad everything worked out

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