An odd Sunday afternoon

A friend was heading over to watch Wipe Out being filmed a couple months ago.  Dan was gone on a two day bike ride so the kids and I tagged along!  We stood out in the heat in line with everyone else.  After awhile it seemed they had begun and we still weren’t through the wall.


The kids went around to another entrance and asked the guards if we could get in and watch.  At first they were turned down as the stands were full and they weren’t going to let anyone else in to watch.  Then after awhile one of the guys told the kids they could get come in but the guard wanted a selfie taken with him on his phone.  So the kids ran back to get us and we ducked in with them, smiled for a group selfie and headed in to watch.  There weren’t seats but we happily sat on the ground and couldn’t believe we were there.


The kids get tired of the stares here.  I sometimes wish we weren’t stared at and pointed at almost everywhere we go.  But sometimes it’s nice to be the oddity!


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3 Responses to An odd Sunday afternoon

  1. Patricia M Venne says:

    Hi Ami and kids,
    I like this story, ive seen the Wipe Out show , i dont really like it because they get hurt sometimes. Or they arent smart how to get through different obstacles. I know its a silly games. Oh wow, how fun you got in to see the games!! Sorry people were stareing. 😞 I’m starting to feel better from the congestion cough. Fall season is beautiful this year!
    Love Patti

  2. marenplath says:

    Oh my goodness…that is so cool! Our kids are totally impressed!!!

  3. Kari Johnson says:

    Looks super fun!

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