September Birthdays

The girls both celebrated their birthdays this month.  It’s a fun year for Harmony.  Turning 12 in China means you get to celebrate in the same animal year as you were born.  This is the year of the monkey.  Harmony’s birthday activity was going to the main park here in town and riding the huge double decker carousel.


Hotpot was Ahava’s choice for dinner and her activity was to drive cars around a park near our place.  Our first year here she got to hold lion cubs at the zoo.  Since that birthday activity can’t really be topped, she chooses every year to go drive cars.  It’s a beautiful time of year to drive slowly around a park and see the changing leaves.  It was a beautiful day for a beautiful girl!


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1 Response to September Birthdays

  1. airscolor says:

    Happy birthday Ahava and Harmony!

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