Piece of cake anyone?

Memories are funny things. Growing up we enjoyed many a cake made in Grandmamma’s angel food cake pan. Last summer my mom let me bring it back to China with us. Living in another country you have to leave most of your tangible memories behind. You don’t walk by the park where you took your toddlers to play. You don’t cross a railroad crossing and and remember the time you rode through a forest fire on an Amtrak train.  You don’t see Great Grandma Ella’s doilies on the end table and remember going out to the farm.

You make new memories, yes. But the old ones aren’t around. You can’t touch them. Can’t see them. Some memories that become just that.  But today, today we can taste a memory and smile.

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2 Responses to Piece of cake anyone?

  1. wymsel says:

    Oh my goodness. I can taste it so clearly I feel like I’m with you.

  2. twoshall says:

    ahh memories, angel food cake is good, i loved seeing the square pan

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