Starting young

Traffic rules and customs vary a lot between America and western China.  When I think of a sidewalk, I think of pedestrians.  When I think of an intersection, I think of stopping and going and a general slow, turn taking approach.

Here, now…I think differently of both.  There are certainly rules and accepted turn taking that happens here.  Most people know what to expect and cooperate in a way that would put many US intersections to shame.  I’m embracing the traffic norms here the best I can.  Riding my bike through a busy intersection at rush hour with our three kids on their bicycles behind me is a normal thing in our lives.  But I have a long way to go on accepting and cooperating with the sidewalk norms here.  Pushing a stroller down a sidewalk here has reminded me how far I have to go in developing the virtue of patience!


Driving on the sidewalk begins young!

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