Don’t Leave Your Chopsticks Poked Down Into Your Rice When You’re Not Using Them is a pretty commonly known custom here–even among ignorant foreigners. A couple months ago I had a rather embarrassing moment.  I was corrected in a restaurant in front of about ten other adults on how I eat.  What you just know, naturally, in your own country doesn’t necessarily help much in someone else’s county.

When eating at a rice-serving-restaurant vs. a noodle-serving-restaurant, your place setting is generally a small saucer sized plate, a small bowl, a 3oz ceramic cup, a small, flat bottomed ceramic spoon and a pair of chopsticks. I reached to get some corn from the dishes passing by on the turntable in front of me.  I, naturally, scooped a spoonful onto the plate in front of me.  It’s a plate, after all.  The friend sitting next to me quickly criticized that saying that the plate is for the parts of food you spit out or don’t eat–bones, etc.  I was supposed to have scooped the food into my bowl (which was filled with rice at the time).  Well, four years of Unintentionally Being Rude later, I now scoop food onto my rice.  Naturally.


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  1. airscolor says:

    Oh, right… I might do the same actually.

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