The Case of the Disappearing Driver

“People our age haven’t seen this much snow here our whole lives!” our Chinese Sign Language teacher said. Sure enough a Chinese teacher later sent us an article saying it was a record snowfall. The pictures I posted of the kids last month and their snowman was after the biggest snowfall here in 35 years.

It’s probably not another record but I did see something last Friday I’ve personally never seen before. I guess when you gotta go–you gotta go.


While passengers were getting on the bus at a stop, our bus driver grabbed his keys and disappeared…



Mystery solved when I looked out my window and saw…a public restroom.


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2 Responses to The Case of the Disappearing Driver

  1. Courtney says:

    Here, they stop to get gas a lot..and half the time they don’t turn off the engine….haha

  2. twoshall says:

    We can be happy he found a restroom, smile.

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