Xining’s Greenway is open!

Over 700 yellow rental bikes parked at their stations dotted the bike path as we rode to meet up with our friends one Sunday afternoon last month. Over the past couple years we’ve seen the progress of a bike path that has been going in along the river that runs through our valley city. A member of the Deaf biking group invited us to join them for the celebratory ride along one section of the path that afternoon. The kids joined Dan & me in biking down to the place of speeches and fireworks. After everyone had their say and respects were paid to all the right people, the mass ride began. We biked, along with the hundreds gathered, down the path to another park further west.


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2 Responses to Xining’s Greenway is open!

  1. twoshall says:

    LOVE IT!

  2. Yuan says:

    Your family blend right in with the Chinese crowd!! Couldn’t tell who is who~~

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