Christmas isn’t real big here in western China. Those of us living here who are from North America or Europe put up our artificial trees, make cookies and sing Christmas carols.  When I went outside on Christmas day this year, everyone else was going to school and work just as they would any other day of the week.  I’ve heard some of the younger adults might go out for dinner together. One of Asher’s friends brought a singing Christmas card for each of our kids. It was very sweet of them to think of us, I thought.

Up hill about ten minutes by bicycle there’s a new shopping mall area being filled in by various stores. Many of them are fancy, pricey stores.  (The new movie theater I mentioned before is there.) They even put in our city’s first five star hotel.  They put up a seven story Christmas tree in the courtyard this past Christmas.  This is the Christmas Coke display in the other courtyard.  Yes, it’s several stories high.


Thinking of you Isaiah!  Hope you get some sleep after Super Bowl weekend.


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  1. twoshall says:

    Quite the coke tree!

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