We only talked a couple minutes, just had something to say quick and so I picked up my phone. I called them. I talked with them. I hung up and had talked to my parents while sitting in my dining room as easily as calling Dan quick on my way home from the store yesterday.

It’s so crazy to me that even though I live 18+ hours away (by plane!) from my parents, I can hear their voices and see their faces within seconds from the time I decide to try and reach them. The marvels of technology are far reaching and amazing in so many ways, but being able to talk to someone on the other side of the world in seconds is something that amazes me like little else.

It’s hard to be away from family and friends in America. Watching nieces and nephews grow up on the other side of the world isn’t nice. Not being at the family gatherings or being able to take a long weekend and drive out to Illinois or Colorado to see our parents during the rest of the year is really, really hard.

I grew up far from extended family, but I had a good childhood. My parents were awesome at being a family and being part of a community so that I never felt like I was missing out. Holiday gatherings were a highlight growing up–always there were people unrelated to us coming over to the house, eating, laughing, just being together. Being a family away from home is something my parents are good at doing. I hope I can pass this gift along to my kiddos. This loving and missing family and at the same time being where you are, loving and being loved by those around you.

I miss them like crazy. Thinking of family today…and always.


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  1. wymsel says:

    Love and miss you too.

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