Ordinary #3 OR Completely Normal After All #2

I haven’t posted in my “Ordinary” string in over a year I think, so I’ve been looking for ordinary things.   Have you ever noticed how hard it is to notice Ordinary?  Oh, I notice Irritating alright.  I notice Uncomfortable.  I notice Exciting.  I notice Confusing.  I notice Beautiful and Painful is impossible to ignore.  But Ordinary?

Just another day of picking up groceries on the way home. . .

Just another ordinary Spring day, picking up groceries on the way home. . .

It feels like just about everyone that is walking home at lunch or after work in the evening is carrying a plastic bag or two.  I noticed this about the culture when we first arrived.  But after living here for a little while it’s one of those things that’s now a part of my life too.  When you walk and take buses to get around buying a lot of groceries at once just isn’t practical.  Here most of us don’t have a car or minivan to carry our things home.  But if you buy small amounts more often it’s possible to carry your items home in just plastic bag or two 🙂  Again, this is one of those cultural differences that after you see more pieces of the puzzle, I find that it seems completely normal after all.

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