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New Train Station 

Sitting here with familiar sights flying past my window, I say goodbye for a few months to the city that now feels like home.     We lost the train station that we knew well on our side of town, … Continue reading

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Ordinary #3 OR Completely Normal After All #2

I haven’t posted in my “Ordinary” string in over a year I think, so I’ve been looking for ordinary things.   Have you ever noticed how hard it is to notice Ordinary?  Oh, I notice Irritating alright.  I notice Uncomfortable.  I … Continue reading

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Loving the weather!

What fun to be in a country where playing outside is so valued.  Many American cities provide so well for people to play in big grassy areas! A few months ago in Xining when Dan & I stopped in to … Continue reading

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I feel sorry for you, baby.

There are many cultural differences that don’t really effect my life, per se, but they do make me think.  I mean, seriously, the amount of creativity in the aesthetics of things as simple as a baby stroller where I live … Continue reading

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