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Now I get it OR Completely Normal After All

The different acceptable and expected ways of doing things from culture to culture are so complex.  Often there are things that one culture does that seem very foreign to someone from another culture.  Sometimes, it seems something is done so … Continue reading

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on Early Second Language Exposure

When our youngest, Asher, was about 17 months old he began hearing Chinese spoken by our friends who were native Chinese speakers.  Of course we didn’t have daily interaction with our Chinese friends, but we began buying a few Chinese … Continue reading

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Let’s not be rude!

We were watching the buses come out of the side street, trying to time our family’s position so that we would be among those able to get on the bus.  Sound simple?  Maybe I should explain…When the bus pulled up we ran/walked/pushed/shouldered/eyes … Continue reading

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Where’s my place in line?

When we need to see a doctor we go to 红十字医院 The Red Cross Hospital which isn’t affiliated with Red Cross. This is old news from three years ago, but there are interesting cultural differences going to the doctor here and … Continue reading

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