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Red Hills and Spotted Yak

Some friends loaned us their car and we enjoyed an overnight trip to see a National Geopark about an hour and a half from where we live.  Mom and Dad wanted to know what it looked like, so here are … Continue reading

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2015 CNY #5

Here are more decorations from Xining Square.  The fish is symbolic for prosperity.  I see it every year at Chinese New Year and really loved the whole ocean theme they added this year 🙂  The tallest pillars in the pictures … Continue reading

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2015 CNY #4

Thirteen years ago, when Dan and I visited friends here in Xining we went to this big open place where families would come together and enjoy being outside.  Well, it was called Xining Square and we live about a 15minute … Continue reading

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2015 CNY #3

The fireworks explode outside my dining room window as I type.  Dan jumps up to shut the living room window on the opposite wall as colorful fireworks shoot up past our 11th story apartment.  The celebration continues all around us! … Continue reading

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2015 CNY #2

This is our first year to be invited to someone’s house to celebrate Chinese New Year.  Here are a couple pictures from yesterday at a friend’s where they made us a delicious lunch that was quite the feast!  They spent … Continue reading

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2015 CNY #1

Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the most unified night of the year.  We’re all in it together.  I light fireworks, you light fireworks, he lights fireworks, we all light fireworks! All around us, smiling kids, teenagers, adults and grandparents lighting … Continue reading

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A new twist

After 2 1/2 years I’m not as far along in my Chinese learning as I thought I’d be. As Dan has had more success in using Chinese that people can actually understand (my friend repeats everything I say to her … Continue reading

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