Bread is bread…or not.

IMG_6879A fellow Minnesotan who lived in China over 20 years says about China that, “Nothing is as it seems.”  Finding just plain old sandwich bread is an adventure.  And….it keeps me making my own bread most of the time.  But, one day I was on my way home to make the kids’ sandwiches on their lunch break and was pleased to see a couple rectangle loaves of bread at one the many shops along our street.  It looked like plain sandwich bread.  I talked with the shop keepers and asked, in my still growing Chinese, if there was anything besides bread inside the bread.  🙂  Sure enough, the one I was holding had some kind of beans inside.  But the other one, “Also fresh today!”, the owner said, had nothing inside.  It was quite heavy for a loaf of bread, but I decided to trust my understanding of the conversation over my feeling of how heavy a loaf of similar size in America would be.  I paid the 10 kuai (about $1.75) for the rectangle of sliced bread.  When the kids arrived home we had a nice lunch with our plain, if somewhat sweet and tangy, bread. It’s fascinating to me how simple food items in one country can be so very different from the “same” food items in another country;  how bread in China can be so different from bread in America.

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