Perfect timing

Got a letter from a friend in the mail today. A real letter. The kind that you open up your mailbox to find. Couldn’t have been better timing. It’s been a tough few days. Just normal life probably when you’re a parent, as you watch your kid make bad choices. Repeatedly. But it’s the tougher part of normal life. The part that makes me feel the weakest. A letter. A friend. It makes all the difference. You read in books about people in the old west getting letters from friends “back east”. They would cry when they read them. Carry them around for days. Re-read them a hundred times. Ever wonder if that was the fiction part of the historical fiction novel you were reading? It wasn’t.


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2 Responses to Perfect timing

  1. Becky says:

    Loved this. So glad for you. I have received a few letters like that since being here and it is soosooo true they are precious, like little treasures. Love you friend.

  2. wymsel says:

    Beautiful. Love you.

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