We did it again.

Standing in the hallway at the kids’ school today I am reminded that each semester life here gets easier.   Not only was Dan able to text the girls’ teacher last night and ask in Chinese what time we should come for registration today, but once we arrived I found myself knowing right what to do–stand in the hallway until told otherwise.  Of course this is only after I found that Asher’s 2nd grade class had moved to the third floor by walking around the entire school until another mom waved me down and we passed a classroom where about 30 of the 42 kids called out Asher’s name, “莫晓福!!”  But as I stood in the hallway this semester I didn’t just try to not look really out of place, but I actually texted with another mom of Asher’s classmate who couldn’t accompany her daughter today due to her work schedule.  Granted, I was texting in English since this friend is a Chinese English teacher, but I was interacting none the less!  I’m grateful for each step in the process of making a home here.

The 2nd grader in the hallway outside his classroom today

The 2nd grader in the hallway outside his classroom today

Asher's First Grade Classroom

September of last year–Asher’s First Grade Classroom 2012-2013

The girls' classroom today

The girls’ classroom today

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2 Responses to We did it again.

  1. Becky says:

    This is a great post Ami. I remember that 2nd year of school and how much easier life flowed for us. Really I can relate this post completely. Happy to here from you and that you are starting to flow a bit more. With lots o lots of love.

  2. liz says:

    Love the story, and the pics. Way to go Ami! Excited to hear more about school this year!

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