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in/on/at…be…toward…person…type…live…dwell…(used after an attribute)…village…village…walk…go

Or, when you put characters together into words:

so…toward…humanity…live…village…walked to

Or, in my understanding:

“…so he walked toward the village of humans. . .”

This phrase is part of a sentence in the story called “The Wolf and The Watchdog”. That’s what I’m studying today.  Five of the characters are new vocabulary to me and it’s part of a much longer sentence, but you can see part of my processing above 🙂 I’ll find out what my teacher thinks of my translation on Friday morning.  As I haven’t done my daily review of the characters I’ve already learned, I won’t write a long post, but wanted to at least share part of my fun daily language learning adventure with you.  Chinese is fascinating amidst it’s complication!

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