Last Days of Winter Break


A few bites to go still while we walk down the street we live on to our apartment complex.


Watching the cotton candy spinning magic!


Lantern Festival was a few days ago. . .


A decoration put up at Chinese New Year at an intersection 15 minutes from us where Asher and I went shopping this morning.

The kids have worked hard over their winter break on the homework that was sent home.  There are trade-offs  in every area of life and in order to learn this beautiful and intricate language of Chinese the kids have given up violin and many other pursuits for the time being.  We are grateful for this opportunity they have to study in local Chinese schools.  We did a few other things besides homework over the break 🙂  One day last weekend we went down to People’s Park where we bought Chinese cotton candy.  It was enjoyed by the kids!  The taste and texture is quite different from what I am used to so I mostly enjoyed just taking pictures 🙂


Three happy faces behind the cotton candy!

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1 Response to Last Days of Winter Break

  1. airscolor9 says:

    Oh, Summer homework…. I remember there was one year when the flood in the south prohibit the summer homework from transferring to our local school and that was the best summer ever! 🙂 ha!
    I do miss the cotton candy that’s hand over above the machine and is still warm~

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