Waiting.  Just one word, but it can have so many different meanings.  Sometimes waiting builds the anticipation and it only adds to the depth of the resulting joy.  Sometimes waiting can be impossible to handle and can shut us down, emotionally, psychologically physically and spiritually.

Sometimes waiting is just a few minutes of inconvenience, a slight hiccup in our otherwise normal day.  Sometimes it’s harder, there are more unknowns involved, more people, more emotions, just…more.  Some waitings have set end-times, some have no set end time whatsoever.  Some waiting effects our lives little, while other waiting threatens to bring our lives to a complete halt.

Waiting means different things at different times during our lives.  Many times waiting is something that builds my patience and endurance and I am (eventually) grateful for those times.  But there is some waiting that I would wish away forever.  To my sister and husband who are in the adoptive process and waiting, yet again.  I love you!


Waiting. . .

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1 Response to Waiting

  1. wymsel says:

    Thank you. I love you.

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