Safety in numbers

Before we moved to China I shared with my Uncle John the desire I had to learn the safety rules as they would undoubtably vary somewhat from what I knew.  Knowing what is safe and not safe in a culture and country where I did not grow up felt intimidating to me.  Being here a little more than a year now, I feel much more at home and although I know I still have much to learn in this new place, I do feel more comfortable compared to the first few months.  A little example is when crossing a street I notice that many times people cross in small or large groups.  I usually find a crowd to be in when crossing the street here.  We’re together, everyone is a stranger and yet together we work to make our way through the cars and buses in our city.  Crossing the street used to feel like taking my life (and that of my children) in my own hands every time.  Now, it feels more (can I say?) normal.

Around the corner from our apartment.

Around the corner from our apartment.

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1 Response to Safety in numbers

  1. airscolor9 says:

    I remember when I was young, my dad told me how to cross a road in a big city…. he told me it is hard to wait until there is no car at all, you have to cross one lane at a time and wait for the next lane to be clean….. Now there are much more traffic lights and pedestrian crosswalk I believe?

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