Street View Review-A New Find

Last Saturday we went shopping at the market looking for Christmas presents.  The kids have saved up their money and wanted to buy gifts for one another.  No luck with presents, but lots of opportunity to try food from street vendors that we haven’t tried before. I don’t have a picture, but we all enjoyed a egg sandwich type food 🙂 sorry I’m so nondescript, I’ll look for it again sometime and get a picture and a better description to share.  For now I’ll share my favorite food of the day which resembles peanut brittle.


This is Asher standing by the “stand” where we bought our new find 🙂


The one made with sesame seeds took me a minute to decide if I liked it or not (it was Harmony’s immediate favorite) but it’s really good.  Ahava and I loved the one made with peanuts.  Asher ate both.  🙂  I’ve never seen someone selling these before so I’m a little afraid I might not be able to find a vendor with the same food again!  But now that I know what to look for maybe I’ll see it everywhere, who knows.

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