Mo Da Shuo(莫大说)

Asher has always preferred to be around people than spend much time playing or building with toys.  To this day he is not the one to have a lot of toys in his room.  One nickname we’ve given Asher is 莫大说 “Mo Da Shuo” which is a play on his Chinese name Mo Xiao Fu and is roughly translated “Talks-A-Lot Morse”  I don’t think he’d be labeled a real outgoing extrovert, but he is comfortable talking to people most of the time and loves being with friends.

It made me smile last Friday to see the lady (a total stranger) who was sitting next to Asher in an auditorium talking to him and smiling.  They had quite a conversation which I couldn’t hear from where I was and doubtless wouldn’t understand much of if I had.  It has amazed me how much Asher can now say and understand after only being in country 10 months.  Since he was about 18 months old he’s been exposed to native Chinese at varying levels and it seems to have made a difference in acquiring the language after our move here.   It makes me grateful for the friends and teachers over the last few years who have spoken Chinese with Asher and have let him see some of your culture.  To you I say, THANK YOU!

Here when people talk to him he can often understand much of it and is, not surprisingly, the first to answer many times when we are in the bus or at the store and someone directs a question to me.  I have nothing to compare it to really, I didn’t bring one kid that had exposure to Chinese before we came and one that didn’t 🙂 but I feel like the transition to life here surrounded by Chinese everywhere he goes outside the home is a good one for him.  He’s in a regular Chinese first grade.  He’s happy.  He likes it here.  He has friends.  He’s a great kid and we’re lucky to have him in our family!

Asher talking in Chinese with a lady in the audience last Friday.

Asher talking in Chinese with a lady in the audience last Friday.

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    This is a wonderful report!!

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