Weekly Potatoes








We go about once a week to the six table restaurant that served the above potato dish to us. The family that owns, runs and cooks there is quite accustomed to us and our attempts at Chinese when ordering.  They make really delicious food and are kind to remember without being asked each time that we don’t want the hot spices used when cooking our dishes.  🙂  They serve amazing Jasmine tea with the meal and smile when we walk in.

Most of my waking time is spent learning Chinese.  It’s always fun when I am going somewhere and hear people talking on the bus with me only to realize that I just understood a word or phrase they said!  It doesn’t happen that often yet, but one of these years…  I’m grateful for the many Chinese people who are kind and helpful to me even though I am not able to talk and understand most things yet.  Well, back to studying now, but wanted to post about one of my favorite foods here 🙂

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1 Response to Weekly Potatoes

  1. Yuan says:

    Looks really delicious! So happy to know that you are enjoying both the people and food there. Once you know the food, you know most of the Chinese culture.

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