Uniforms and Fitting In

At lunch break a month or so ago three smiling kids came in the door with brand new uniforms!  Love their excitement.  Last year (their first semester) they wavered on whether or not they wanted the optional uniforms that EVERYONE wears.  This semester we were here at the beginning of the semester and it seemed to really facilitate their feeling a part of the school here.  Positive peer pressure maybe you’d call it, but uniforms weren’t ever a question this year, they just expected to wear them.  Asher came home with his uniform one afternoon and then the next day the girls’ class got theirs delivered!  It is so fun to see the kids so excited!  It’s nice to see one more sign of them embracing life here and feeling a part of their classes..

New uniforms!
The excited smiles are very real. I love Asher’s serious look 🙂

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5 Responses to Uniforms and Fitting In

  1. Xiaojing Li says:

    That’s so cute. Can I have your phone number that I can call you guys? Missing you guys so much.

  2. airscolor9 says:

    They look great in the uniforms! It really remind me about my school days long time ago~ Wonderful days. I hope they all enjoy.

  3. wymsel says:

    So happy they are doing well. They look super cute too.

  4. Kari Johnson says:

    They look so great! Look how big Asher is getting! Wow!

  5. Becky says:

    Love this. Those sweet moments when the kids feel like they fit in or belong are great moments. happy with you.

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