A day late. . .

“I think they did that yesterday, Mom.” said Asher as I showed him early one morning the picture I had colored for him to take to Kindergarten.  When I had tucked him in the night before he was talking about how each kindergartener was supposed to make a drawing, color it with their parents and bring it to school.  When he woke up and I tried to give him the picture he calmly explained it was too late now.  Guess I missed the past tense part of the conversation.  Oh well, It was fun to color 🙂 again.

Asher and Harmony (& a cat we babysat) playing Super Heroes in our living room

Being a language student and not a language master 🙂 I feel I am so often a day late or a dollar short!  Luckily there are usually caring people around to help make me feel better.  In fact, some cashiers will just reach over the counter and take the right bills out of my hand when I’m trying to pay! 🙂

Asher worked the “line” at the Science Museum this summer. He got to drive the real car they had set up for the virtual reality ride.  So much fun we went back one other day and this time we even found a bus home so we didn’t have to walk an hour back to our apartment 🙂  It’s nice when Dan takes us!

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