Our Harmony

One of my most favorite kids ever!

Here is Harmony by a sign with one of the same Chinese characters as her Chinese name.  The English translation didn’t hurt anything either.  🙂

For Harmony’s birthday activity this year she wanted: “To buy some snacks, walk from our house along the river all the way to People’s Park, ride the train at the park and walk around and eat snacks.”  We managed to do it all!  We also found some fish to feed along the way and a tug-of-war event to watch before we came home very happy and very tired on the bus 🙂 in the afternoon.

Walking along the river to the park for Harmony’s birthday

The lake at People’s Park

Feeding fish at People’s Park

We’re ready to ride!

Riding the train at People’s Park for Harmony’s birthday

Don’t miss Harmony’s face!

Eating snacks at People’s Park for Harmony’s birthday

Our two 8 Year Olds and their kid brother who’s 6 1/2!

Tears me up to think of the eight years we’ve been able to have this sweet little girl in our family!  Looking forward to continuing to watch her grow up.

Happy birthday sweet Harmony!

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5 Responses to Our Harmony

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  2. Yuan Chai says:

    The train ride seems so much fun! I love the picture on the top banner for your blog, hill top overlooking the city! Really great shot!

  3. airscolor9 says:

    Happy birthday Harmony!

  4. Julie Beach says:

    Happy Birthday Harmony! Two 8-year olds?! I didn’t realize your girls were so close in age. When does Ahava turn 9?

  5. hao says:

    They were 1half, 3 and 4 when we first met. Time flies. Great to hear you guys doing well.

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