September 1st

Once nice thing about the culture here is that you don’t have to wonder when to do certain things.  For example, there is no school calendar that you have to look for every year.  September 1st is Registration Day, period.  Saturday morning found us at the school bright and early.  Dan (at his blog or I will share more details later I’m sure, but for now you can be thrilled and relieved that Asher is officially a First Grader at our local elementary school!

Waiting in “line” to pay our fees to the girls’ teacher on Registration Day last Saturday.

The other thing you don’t have to check, is when school starts.  The first day of school is the day after Registration Day 🙂  Sunday or no, September 2nd here they come!

Three Officially Registered Kids!

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5 Responses to September 1st

  1. airscolor9 says:

    Congratulations Asher!

  2. KTSP says:

    Simple!! Love you guys. Thanks for keeping us updated!!

  3. airscolor9 says:

    And what a typical “line”…

  4. wymsel says:

    So happy for you A A & H!

  5. Kari Johnson says:

    Yeah!! How exciting! The kids look great!

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