Xining Square

Have you ever seen a place out the bus window and thought, “I should go there.”  Xining Square is one such place I’ve seen here in our city.  So, after lunch a couple weeks ago, the kids put their roller blades into cloth bags, slung them on their shoulders and off we went!

“Can we go over behind those gates and up those stairs and see what’s there, Mom?”  (How can you say, “No” to a request for Adventure from normally Hesitant-Natured children?)  “Go for it!”

They found a fun little corner with various bungee-type rides, an inflatable “Jumping Castle” and toys for sale!  We went back to try out the jumping castle the following week.

Gotta love it!

Other than having to let Ahava stay home sick and it taking an hour to get there this time 😦 it was really super fun.  I got some computer work done sitting on a bench and Harmony and Asher had a great time.  Afterwards they each spent some of their hard-earned money on new toys.  🙂

Waiting at the bus stop to head back home with their new toys!

We’ll go again hopefully with all three kids someday. . .

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2 Responses to Xining Square

  1. Mom and for Dad says:

    Quite an adventure. BTW we love the picture at the top of the page.

  2. wymsel says:

    Wow I miss you guys. Love you too!

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