Cooking …till I cry.

I’ve tried many things here, learning how to feed my family and even provide some of the comfort foods from “back home” when I can.  Sometimes I’m the one that wants the comfort!

Black Bean & Potato Soup

My black bean soup that took two days to make still turned out rather blah.  Even though I made ricotta cheese from scratch for lasagna and Dan and the kids ate it with no complaints, I’ll have to try again with different seasonings for the sauce before I’m willing to eat it.  Spaghetti is hit and miss with my inability to figure out the right consistency and technique for making fresh tomato sauce and knowing which spices at what amount.  One would think baking sweet potato fries should be simple, yet I haven’t been able to attain even that!  🙂  And mashed potatoes just aren’t the same without Country Crock butter!  Enough of the whining though. There have been some successes.

Buying honey from a seller who came to the gate of our complex one day. I know it was real honey because there was a bee in the jug 🙂

A friend gave me her pudding recipe (milk, eggs, sugar, starch and vanilla) and it turned out so good the first time I tried it I’ve been making a bowl every night for the last couple weeks to eat before bed.  Admission: one night I kept eating and eating until I was sick to my stomach–yikes!  How can a 36 year old eat until they are sick!?!  Yeah, well, if you’re me–it’s very possible.

Additional comfort came for me one night in the form of the following post:

Diary of a No-Cook Chef: Chocolate…Soup, Anyone?

I was crying so much from laughing so hard that I could do little more than look at Dan with tears in my eyes and point at Adam’s blog post.  Somehow, Adam, I feel more normal now.  Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone!  🙂

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  1. wymsel says:

    I laughed at the bee.

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