The Golden (haired) Child

Wouldn’t this make an adorable Milk Commercial?

Asher probably gets the most “petting” here.  He’s at arm level for many, so as people pass us on the sidewalk or at the bus stop Asher’s blonde head of hair affords the perfect opportunity for patting as they walk by.  He doesn’t notice it as much anymore.  When we first moved here, he rather liked the attention, then after awhile it irritated him and even made him downright mad for a couple weeks.  Now, well, it seems it’s just part of normal life.  In fact, if I comment afterwards that that person must have liked him because they patted his hair as they walked by, he’ll often reply, “What person?”

In our early months here I just figured being the blonde kids they got lots of attention and petting.  But it seems as Spring and Summer have come and all the local kids and babies are outside more I’m beginning to think differently.  It seems that all kids get attention and petting here–even from strangers.  Walking into the store the other day a customer had stopped to talk to (and pet) the baby of one of the store clerks who had come to work with her  mom that morning.  He totally stopped on his way in and was talking to the baby and patting his head before he went in to shop.  Many here only have one child and I wonder if that has brought a society-wide respect and love for children?  I’m a newcomer here so I can’t possible know why things are how they are.  But I can wonder 🙂 and enjoy.

Me and my golden haired children at a park that we don’t frequent unless we are in an attention tolerant mood.

The girls are also getting used to the attention.  Either because of personality or because they are older, I think their adjustment has taken longer and in a lot of ways is still in proc.  But it’s nice Asher has adjusted seemingly well to all the attention.  I just hope he won’t feel rejected whenever we are in the States where no one notices him as he walks by!

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