Melons in season!

A flavor that reminds one of cantaloupe and honeydew but somehow has a taste that I like better than both.  It’s larger than a cantaloupe, but smaller than a watermelon.  Cost me 24 kuai (about $4).  I bought one from the sweet couple that has a fruit shop right outside the gate to our apartment complex.  This couple is always kind to us, helping us pick out the best fruit and telling us when they’ll next have strawberries.  Once I sent Asher to buy just one apple as we were going out or something and he came back saying they wouldn’t charge him for it.  🙂


There are carts filled with fruit along various busy streets right now. They seem to change according to what’s currently in season, but maybe there are other reasons.                     ,

As a newcomer to this place I find myself really appreciating the kindness of people and familiarity.  Every time I buy something at this couple’s shop they look me in the eyes, smile, with two hands give me the plastic bag with the fruit I just bought and as I’m leaving I hear a now familiar, “再见,慢走”

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2 Responses to Melons in season!

  1. Ming Chen says:

    Sounds really nice! Is the melon called 黄河蜜?(Huang He Mi)I’m not sure though.

  2. tiffany says:

    I love this post. Love getting a little glimpse into the day to day of your life there. Fun Skyping with you the other day. Wish we could have talked more, but SO glad the kids could catch up (and be silly) with each other.

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