He loves me, He loves me still. . .

“I like you and I love you” is how Dan concluded his vows to me on our wedding day March 1, 2002.  A little confession and a glimpse into my crazy mind: I always figured I loved him so much I wouldn’t get to be married to him for long–he would die young or something.  Now, I suppose he could still die young 🙂 but ten years has come and gone and he’s still here.  Pretty amazing I think.

March 1, 2012

I don’t get mushy too often, but I think Ten Years is a good reason to do so.  Valentine’s Day, both our birthdays and our anniversary all happen within a two week time period every year so we usually celebrate a little on each of the dates, but we do one fun get-a-way or trip together around that time of year.  This year we decided to go out on the town in Xining, China!

Our Tenth Happy Anniversary!

June 1 Update:

Since it is now June and I’m just now posting this from three months ago I’m including a recent snapshot without Dan’s winter beard 🙂

He loves me still. . .

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3 Responses to He loves me, He loves me still. . .

  1. Ming Chen says:

    Hahaha~~ Amy your thoughts are cute… You guys make a sweet and lovely couple 🙂 All the best!

  2. Mom and for Dad says:

    You are a beautiful couple, inside and out. Thanks for sharing your sweet story.

  3. Kari Johnson says:

    So good to see you guys! Great post!

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