Sometimes Crazy, Sometimes Comtemplative

Getting some rest on the bus.

Bus rides give time for contemplation. . .

Sometimes buses are crowded, you’re sweating, trying to find a place to hold onto so you won’t fall onto two or three people every time the bus makes a turn or avoids hitting a taxi and the smells around you make you wonder if maybe the hour walk would have been a better idea.  Once, I really wanted to glare and yell at this lady who was literally yelling into her phone non-stop right in my ear.  But, my lack of language skills thankfully kept my mouth shut. 🙂

Other times the bus isn’t crowded, contemplative you might even say.  You can find a place to stand where you aren’t leaning against someone or the ultimate prize–a seat where you can sit down.  Sometimes I look forward to my time on the bus and enjoy the experience.  Everyone around me is quietly sitting or standing, looking out the window.  Me?  I’m sitting by a window, studying Chinese on my phone with scenery flashing past the windows, all while someone else does the driving.


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1 Response to Sometimes Crazy, Sometimes Comtemplative

  1. Dad says:

    Dad was beside me this morning as we read your post. He is off today. He says, “she is a good writer.”

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