“The other kids have chips.” Part Two

The girls are normally dismissed about 4:15, but I wasn’t surprised when it was 4:30 and they weren’t home yet.  Figured the sports competition or whatever is was, was going long.  Finally about 5, Dan, Asher and I walked to the girls’ school.  Sure enough they were sitting there watching kids being called up to get their awards.  So we sat or stood around with the other parents and watched the kids watch the awards.  Finally about 6pm they were done and were sent back to their classrooms for instructions for tomorrow.  10 minutes later they came out with the news that even though it’s Saturday tomorrow, I guess they are to come back for another day of sitting for hours in the courtyard moving their stools from place to place while other kids compete in little races or challenges.  I’ve been looking forward to Saturday and of course weren’t gonna have the girls attend this extra day.  (Saturday is their weekend which has been a very precious thing for weeks.  They are happy, but pretty worn out at the end of the week with over six hours a day of being in class surrounded by their second language which they don’t yet fully understand.)  Dan asked if they wanted to go tomorrow.  You would be very proud if you could have seen my poker face and how well I covered my shock when they both answered with smiles,

“I want to go tomorrow.”

“Okay, great!”

“Teacher said we are supposed to bring water and snacks tomorrow–yeah, our stools and caps too again.”

Okay! 🙂

My kids are not Little Ami’s.  They are not being raised in the same environment I was.  They have different desires and expectations, different ways of looking at life.  The world is changing quickly.  Their generation will be so much more global than mine is.  Their closest local friends either speak English as a second language or don’t speak it at all.  My kids are very happy.  They have different dreams than I do.  Different levels of tolerance for various things.  They have much more patience. 🙂  They are not Little Me’s.  When they were babies my favorite part was watching them develop and find out who they were–get to know this unique little person.  Well, it hasn’t stopped.  I’m still getting to know these unique little people who are growing up so, well, so happy and seemingly well adjusted! 🙂

Oh, in case you’re still reading, of course Dan and I stopped at the corner store, again, for snacks.  They are in two plastic bags waiting at the door for the girls in the morning.  And here’s to Day Two!

The girls sitting with their classmates.

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1 Response to “The other kids have chips.” Part Two

  1. wymsel says:

    This post made me almost cry. Love your perspective.

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