“The other kids have chips…”

“We have to bring stools to sit on and hats to keep the sun off tomorrow morning to school.”

“Oh really? why?”

“Don’t know.  Guess what!  Ahava got first place in our First Grade class in the running race so she gets to race against the girls from the other First grade class tomorrow.”

Went out last night and bought a stool.  Dan dug his banjo stool out of our black trunks we use for storage and we loaned the girls our baseball caps and dropped them off at school this morning.  On the way while carrying caps and stools, we noticed other kids bringing small plastic bags with snacks.  Hmm, wonder what those are for?  After our morning Chinese lesson we walked by the girls’ school on the way home.  The kids were all bringing their stools out as their teachers were directing them where to sit.  It seemed that as soon as they got settled and started in on the snacks they had brought, they were directed to pick up their stools, them to another part of the courtyard and again sit in the line where the teacher said.  We sat with the other parents and grandparents just sitting and watching the kids sitting on their stools in the courtyard.  The principal came out after about 45 minutes of this and said we were to leave and something about noon.  We stood up to follow the other parents out, but I quickly stepped out into the courtyard to give the girls the rolls I had bought after class as it looked like they were the only ones not eating snacks.  They smiled and said, “Thanks.”  Quick wave and was leaving, but then I noticed and asked, “Why aren’t you eating the rolls?”  I leaned in for the whispered answer, “The other kids have chips.”  We followed all the other adults out.  We stopped at the corner store and bought some chips and cookies.  I bought a plastic bag, which I don’t normal do and ran the snacks in it back to the girls.  They were so cute looking in the plastic bag and full of huge smiles as I walked away.

One side of the courtyard at school.

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3 Responses to “The other kids have chips…”

  1. Mom says:

    Got to read this to Dad as he arrived home from an early morning meeting with friends. So fun to read your comments and so sweet how you are so tuned in to your children. Miss you all. Thanks for the birthday greetings. Isaiah and I are going to look at puppies today. He wants one, smile.

  2. Xiaojing Li says:

    I guess this is a spring sport acitivity, what we always have every year when we were young. I remembered we also brought snacks, but not they are chips. Some students are good in sports and they participated in competition. If somebody won the game, that will be a hornor for not only self but also for the class that she comes from. Ahava did a great job to win the number one. Bless!

  3. wymsel says:

    Love it.
    Also, I’m now craving chips.

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