Walking is a big part of our transportation here.  Everyday we walk in order to get where we want to go.  Sometimes we walk to and from bus stops.  Sometimes we just walk to where we want to go.  Sometimes we might even take a taxi if there are no direct buses or it’s late at night after the buses are done running.  But it always involves walking.  Yesterday I walked a total of two and a half hours–not including the time ON the bus.  On a daily basis I walk an hour to an hour and a half.  (I should get some weights on my ankles or something to double my time as intentional exercise!)  Let’s just say my enjoyment of Spring is daily!  Arriving in Western China in the middle of winter let us see the brown, dusty and cold part of life here.  Now seeing the buds grow on the trees and bushes and watching them open little by little deepens my appreciation for beautiful surroundings.  Spring has brought with it a variety of color, splashing the city with beauty.  Isn’t it interesting how beauty effects life.

Our neighborhood

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2 Responses to Color

  1. Patti says:

    Hi Ami,Dan&Kids,
    I ejoyed reading your stories! Lilic started to bloom last month and still blooming. I love flowers! I shall take pictures and send to u. I heard this Saturday evening the moon will be closer to earth and brighter. Watch for it.
    Patti *

  2. ericabakker says:

    Your enjoyment of walking, being outside, and the China spring are inspiring! Thanks for posting.

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