Stifled creativity?

The courtyard outside the girls’ classroom finds children coming back from their lunch break hanging out until the doors are unlocked and class begins.  A couple of months ago I had three very whining and complaining children on my hands when we got on a bus for an hour or even if we had to wait somewhere for like 5 minutes 🙂 with nothing to do.  They have had two weeks of school in the Chinese primary school here now. I asked if there was anything they wanted to me to buy them so they would have something to do between classes (when the teachers leave the room and the 50 children in the classroom with concrete floors get extremely loud, rowdy and general chaos is happening).  The first few days the girls complained and said it was too loud and they had nothing to do.  When I brought it up after the second week of school, they said, no, they didn’t need anything.  I wonder if their creativity was being stifled when we lived in the States.  I hesitate to write that, but will go ahead seeing as only my friends read this blog 🙂  I thought creativity was buying them art supplies and toys so they could play, have fun and “be creative”.  It seems that having fewer store-bought toys and LOTS of time with nothing to do has actually made them more content and creative.  Ahava said she didn’t want me to buy her anything to play with between classes, showed me a paper crab that a classmate had made and gave her.  They have taught themselves how to jumprope.  Asher takes his matchbox car that Uncle Corban gave him as we were leaving the states and plays with it for an entire hour bus ride now.  And he’s happy, very happy.  Harmony has saved up money and just bought a ripstick or wave board I think someone told me they are called.  She actually spends time trying to stand up on the thing–that takes some patience and determination in case you haven’t tried it yourself.  Something I’m not sure she would have even attempted in the States–life was too easy.  Oh, I’m sure they’ll still complain and whine plenty in the days to come, but it’s interesting to see this little transformation and it makes me wonder what creativity I’ll see in the years to come. . .

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3 Responses to Stifled creativity?

  1. marenplath says:


  2. Lisa says:

    I’m sure that’s true! How fun to see pictures of their new school. Will they be wearing uniforms eventually or was this before they enrolled?

  3. Zewei says:

    Jumprope is a mistery to me since my childhood.

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