Five hours ago. . .

Asher and I ran up to school because I had promised the girls “I would BE there” when they got dismissed this afternoon.  I passed a few kids and a few parents and then, yikes! the girls were already rounding the building and walking toward me.  They seemed to be all in one piece though 🙂  As soon as they saw me they ran smiling to me!  Kinda fun to have your kids so happy to see you.  I started to apologize when they excitedly began saying they got out early and they were just gonna come on home. 🙂  I handed them a snack of crackers that Harmony especially likes and they started munching while we walked together toward home.

Today's snacks

The girls had a good first day of school.  They like their homeroom teacher.  She seems really nice and even made two other kids move to different desks to let the girls sit together even though they are different heights (and I guess the kids are supposed to sit according to height).  Ahava said she’s glad she’s only in the first grade class because she “didn’t understand everything the teacher said” so she “probably wouldn’t understand even more of what the 2nd grade teachers would say”  Turns out the girls are still missing some books and maybe colored pencils or something for art class.  Not sure what to do about that, but we’ll work on it.  They said Math and English classes were very easy 🙂

Stopping at the exercise equipment on the way home from school

Dan and I had a great first day of class as well.  Our teacher is really nice and fun to talk with.  She has a LOT of patience so that makes me hopeful!  Turns out we will have another classmate joining us beginning tomorrow and we need to change the days of the week we have class?!?  Maybe we’ll get that figured out tomorrow.  For now, we are grateful for a good first day and a hopeful outlook for the week.

If Asher’s health check part 2 goes well tomorrow then maybe he will be starting kindergarten soon.  He did well coming with us today though.  Of course, it helped that our teacher gave him five pieces of chocolate right when we walked in the door to her office 🙂


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2 Responses to Five hours ago. . .

  1. Xiaojing Li says:

    I also love that snacks too. Wish Asher completely recover and you all study well there.

  2. Kari Johnson says:

    I’m so glad it went well! I’m eager to see more updates! We miss you guys a ton.

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