Eight and a half hours from now . . .

will find four of us on our way to our first day of school in China!  Dan and I begin our Chinese class at 8:30am.  It will be the two of us studying under one of the professors in the Chinese Department of the university.  But a half hour before that, our two oldest girls will begin their first day of school in the local Chinese Elementary school.

Door to their new classroom!

After talking with several people and especially with another family who has had a child in this school in the past, we decided (and were allowed) to put both girls in the same classroom.  They will be attending First Grade together-they are actually sitting side by side in the very back of the classroom.  The teacher uses a microphone so they will be able to hear just fine and I think with their personalities and Chinese as their second language it will be nice to sit where they can see everything that goes on and can learn by watching the other children in the classroom.

Inside their classroom

One of the challenges will be actual academics with teaching the girls to read and write English and trying to keep their math moving forward when they are only in first grade here.  We’ve taken a break from violin so of course we’d like to get that going again–maybe even find a teacher here.  But, for now, we are very happy to have navigated the registration procedures, desk finding, book buying, and actually have the girls enrolled at our local Chinese School.

At the end of the morning today I mentioned to Ahava we really appreciated her helping out with telling us what the principal was saying and talking with the teacher and finding out the books to buy, etc, to which she replied with a visible sigh of relief, “Luckily it was simple stuff!”

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4 Responses to Eight and a half hours from now . . .

  1. Ming Chen says:

    Ahava, you are doing an excellent job!

  2. Kari Johnson says:

    Wow! We are really excited to hear how it goes. Good Luck Ahava and Harmony! You can do it.

  3. w says:

    So proud of all of you.

  4. Jessica says:

    I have been thinking about you, and wondering what your school life was going to be like. I’m so glad all the details are falling into place and you are getting settled in your respective classes!

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