The Ordinary #1

Most of life consists of the everyday ordinary things.  To capture those parts of life I wanted to have a thread of posts in their honor.

Getting on the "30"

In the states I enjoyed driving.  I enjoyed the independence and even power of a car.  I enjoyed being able to go just about anywhere I wanted to go just about whenever I wanted to go there.  I knew moving overseas I would be giving up the freedom of owning and driving my own car.  But I am beginning to enjoy some of the benefits of others doing the driving.  🙂  Studying, reading and talking with the kids are all fun things I can do now while being driven somewhere.

View from a standing ride on the bus one afternoon.

The bus system here has been very good to us.  I can go most places in the city just getting on one bus.  There are always taxi’s nearby if need be as well.

Sometimes we get to ride the same bus and even get seats next to each other!

Someday I’ll show a picture of the more crowded times on the bus when holding on and keeping an eye out for the kids is my main objective and no relaxing reading is getting done 🙂  But for now, I am enjoying the good things about a public transit system.

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1 Response to The Ordinary #1

  1. Maren says:

    Love sharing in your “ordinary!”

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