Street Food Review #2

We'll buy it again!

“You could buy this for me as a whole lunch someday!” says Ahava with her hands holding a half eaten corn on the cob and a big smile on her face. The kids have been asking to try the corn that people sell on the street corners here in Xining.

I figured it was boiled or steamed, but I’m not sure now that I’ve tasted it. It’s chewier than it would be if I had boiled it, and there is a popcorn type flavor so I’m not sure if it’s the kind of corn it is or how they prepare it that provides that flavor and texture.  Asher and Ahava shared it with me. Harmony didn’t want to share germs so after her bite she said she’d wait till I bought her one of her own sometime.  She did seem to enjoy it though. 🙂

First Bites!

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3 Responses to Street Food Review #2

  1. Patti says:

    Hi Ami,Dan and children,
    I have been reading your journels and it is a joy hearing new expriences the life of China. You stopped for few days and i heard your email came! 🙂 i am keeping you in my heart!
    I am doing better. This Sat. I will see my sister Marie and her family for lunch before they fly home to PA. They are skiing at Breckenridige.
    I will write again. Love Patti

  2. Ming Chen says:

    Ha! I’m glad you guys like it! It is usually called “Nuo Yu Mi”, which means sticky corn. It is a special species of corn that is very popular in China but rarely found in the U.S.

  3. Ali says:

    Almost like being at the state fair. Love the bike in the background.

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