CNY #4

So many amazing sculptures. And some in vibrant color!

The kids had a lace lollipop candy thing 🙂 The lady making them would pour a string of a sugar mixture onto a (very cold due to the weather outside) stone board. She poured it quickly and very haphazardly looking, but each one turned out to be a different animal. There was a small crowd of people waiting for their turn for her to make one for them.  After watching awhile we borrowed money from a friend and bought one and ate it on our way home.

Ahava was born in the year of the Goat/Sheep (I'm not sure yet which is a better translation)

A VERY large dragon decoration set up in the back where all the food and rides were set up.

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1 Response to CNY #4

  1. Ming says:

    Wow, I’m sooooooo Jealous!! I have not seen that lollipop thing for at least 10 years. You guys are really lucky!

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